A Spotlight on Bridgepoint Education

Ashford University:

Type: online university that is for profit.
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Accreditation: The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) granted Ashford University regional accreditation. When evaluating an educational institution’s legitimacy and caliber, accreditation is a crucial consideration.

Courses and Graduations:

A wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs in various subject areas were available at Ashford University. Because these courses were offered exclusively online, a wide range of students could enroll in them.

Changes and Ownership:

The parent company, Bridgepoint Education, experienced ownership and organizational changes. 2020 saw the sale of Ashford University by Bridgepoint Education to Zovio, a provider of services for educational technology.

Online Education:

Ashford University was an online institution that catered to students who needed or desired the flexibility of distance learning. Students had access to course materials, discussions, and assignments through online learning platforms.

Student Characteristics:

For-profit colleges, like Ashford University, frequently draw a wide range of students, including adults in the workforce and those looking for flexible course options.

Aspects of Finance:

Tuition policies at for-profit universities might be different from those at conventional non-profit universities. Prospective students were advised to thoroughly weigh the financial implications and look into their options for financial assistance.

Zovio (New Organization):

Following the acquisition, Ashford University was added to Zovio’s offering of services and technology for education. Zovio offers educational institutions a range of solutions pertaining to data analytics, educational technology, and other services.

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