I have no idea : Bihar Cm Nitish Kumar said on notice warrant against on new law minister of Bihar

After the notice warrants against New law minister Kartikeya Singh of Bihar’s state New recent formed Cm Nitish said that they have not any information on this matter.

After the notice warrant on Kartikeya Singh who was the new law minister of Bihar state and when media ask question from New Cm Nitish Kumar they said they have not any information about this happening.

In now some days Cm Nitish Kumar expand his new cabinet by selection of 31 new ministers, including a huge participation of 16 members of ( RJD )Rastriya Janata Dal.

Take a view what the real matter :-

According to the information, The RJD,s member Kartikeya Singh was surrender in court of Danapur on 16th of august in the case of kidnapping as a victim rather than he comes Patna Raj Bhavan to take a pledge for a minister position of the new government which was lead by Cm Nitish Kumar and RJD Tejaswi Yadav .

On august 16 Bihar courts granted interim protect to the new law minister of Bihar’s state .

BJP MP Sushil Modi said IF Kartikeya had a warrant the right decision is he should surrender to the state police but he has taken a pledge to become a law minister.

BJP MP Sushil Modi also ask to the new cm Nitish that he is trying Bihar’s backs to the Lalu time.

BJP said that the Kartikeya Singh was dismissal from respected position of Law minister of the state.

He comments when law minister was criminal so he wouldn’t capable to working on this ministry.

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