Janmashtami Date 2022 : On which day we celebrate God Kanha ji birthday 18th or 19th

Janmashtami Date 2022 : In this time The preparation is already started for celebrating god Krishan (Kanha ji) birthday , so let us know when we celebrate Kanha ji birthday .

Janmashtami Date 2022 : In this time there is a same situation as Raksha Bandhan of doubt of dates of Janmashtami . This time Asthmi date is on both 18th and 19th because of difference Vedic Panchang , but you do not confuse we clarify you that what the actual date and timings.

Is Janmashtami is on 18th or 19th in 2022 (Janmashtami 2022 exact date)

According to the information in pachang , Asthmi will start from 9 : 22 pm on 18 August 2022 and 10 : 52 pm on Friday on 19th August 2022. So the Krishna born in night due to many people celebrated his birthday on 18th august 2022 by fasting .

The householder’s celebrating Janmashtami is on 18th August. On the other Sadhus Sant will celebrated Janmashtami is on 19th August 2022.

Why Janmashtami is celebrated :-

Janmashtami is a popular holy festival of Hindu religion .Lord Krishna is the eight avatar of God Shri Vishnu , He born in Paksha Badho month and comes on earth in a Dyapar Yuga to protect peoples from tyranny of Raja Kansh .

Janmashtami 2022 : Puja Mahurat

According to the mythology guides Lord Kanha was born at night in Rohini nakshatra. The worship of Lord kanha at night is run from old ancient times. At present time the nitish will start from 12 : 03 pm to 12 : 47 pm . On this time there is a good time for worship of Bal Gopal Krishna ji.

How we celebrate Janmashtami at home :-

The holy festival Janmashtami is celebrated in ancient temples but many people can also celebrate in homes to open the feeling with Lord Krishna . On this day small roles of Lord Krishna was presented by childrens as various roles character in all over country. People also worship of Child character of Lord Krishna .

What we not eat on this day:-

The profit of worship of Lord Krishna obtained when we not take non-veg , liquor on this day.

What we eat on Janmashtami :-

Those people who kept fast on day of Janmashtami they should contain fruits. In this fast there is no shortage no water we also kept in mind . We also take Milk , curd , fast salt in all items ,those who eats in fast.