CBI reach’s at Deputy CM Manish Sisodia house, LG of Delhi has recommended investigation of Liquor policy

CBI reach at deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia house. Manish Sisodia tweet to give this information. HE tweet that CBI comes on my house , they also welcome but also that WE are extremely honest and people also know that we made millions of children future very well or It is very painfully and saddened that those people who do good work and think for good nation in our country are being torched like this .

CBI reach Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia house . It is assume that action of CBI is on new excise policy of Delhi government. In a report , in a very short time the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi (Vinay Saxena) has recommends A CBI to enquiry for this policy matter , AS per reports the team of CBI has enquiry at 21 location which also include Gopi Krishna house.

Manish Sisodia says that we can help CBI to investigate this matter so that truth come out soon . He also say that many cases are running on me but nothing has come out whose proved that I cannot do wrong work in my life and hope so I will never do in future.

He says I will do good work for schools in Delhi and we also doing great work for Medical facilities . so that reasons they arrest Health Minister Satyendra Jain for break development work in these sectors and we will not do good works for Delhi. The allegation on both of them are wrong. the time has come when court clarify this matter.

What problem in New Liquor policy :-

There are many allegation of problems in new excise policy. In this the allegation of giving more benefit to liquor license holders. the all rules are ignored in giving license to people who want license. Approx145 crore are waived after tender of License holders. By this policy with pretext of corona government waived this fee of license. Liquors traders will give benefit with exchange of bribes. On the other hand It is allegation that there is a huge loss of revenue of state by this new policy. This policy comes for giving benefits for traders.

What Kejriwal says :-

CM Arvind Kejriwal says CBI was welcome . we will give full support and help to CBI in investigation this matter . In past to many raids are done nothing will come out and still nothing can be find out. The memorable when Education system will be praised and Manish Sisodia picture in on front page of popular and largest newspaper of America’s but on the same day Center government sent CBI to Manish JI house for investigation.