There is a chances that CBI arrest me in 3-4 days Deputy Cm Manish Sisodia says

AAP party leader and Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia says there is a chance that CBI arrest me in some few days . They alleged BJP party for a negative campaign is set for Arvind Kejriwal and his party after the CBI raid at his house on 19th August Friday.

In a liquor scam CBI has complaint a FIR against Delhi’s Deputy Cm Sisodia and 15 other member who are involved in this scam. in the list of these members some members are said to be close to Deputy Cm Manish Sisodia.

Now the process of investigation are started with these members. The CBI has called these members to come to CBI office. As per reports in the FIR the main indicted Sisodia was told. On the order hand some big officers and servants besides in this scam. The main alleged is that some closed peoples are taking commission from traders of liquor. The commission is something approx. 1-4 crores . On commission basis Liquor license were given, this is called very big scam at large level. On this time Manish Sisodia says all alleged on me is totally wrong and I am very proudly honest man who works for people of Delhi and thinking for Delhi citizens benefits.

But CBI also claims that Sisodia have not much evidences in this case or matter. In past days after almost 14 hours continuing of CBI raid some important Files and document are recovered from Manish Sisodia . The mobile and laptop are also take in custody by CBI.

The Central minister and member of BJP Anurag Thakur says that in today press conference that the AAP party can hide his scam which they can do in 8 years. But the truth was opens they cannot hide for a long time . He also changed Manish Sisodia names spelling, see this for full matter information.