BJP- The people started calling AAP renames Guilt , Kejriwal and Sisodia wastes money of tax payer people

In a press conference BJP alleged to AAP founder and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal for wasting Handwork money of tax payers of Delhi. BJP also says that the people can started calling AAP to sin as renames. In press conference BJP speaker Gaurav Bhatia says Kejriwal are also assemble with Manish Sisodia Loot of money of a innocent peoples of Delhi.

After the implement of new liquor policy and when CBI raid on Deputy CM Manish Sisodia house on corruption in new liquor policy case , the BJP is attacking the AAP and CM Kejriwal , Sisodia and his ministers. BJP speaker Gaurav Bhatia said that all country people saying that if there any person is corrupt is that is Manish Sisodia and his full of AAP party.

BJP – No to says AAP it is ‘Sin’

Speaker Gaurav Bhatia also said at today India’s citizens saying No to says AAP it is ‘Sin’ or Father of corrupt people and blight for all people. He says to Arvind Kejriwal, they should answer the people of Delhi and all country people of his corruption works which was done in 8 years by him and his party members which was openly todays with people.

BJP- AAP = 100% corruption

BJP said that the model of Kejriwal ( Delhi Model ) means a Big Guarantee of corruptions Guarantee. Arvind Kejriwal fails ISI mark guarantee. At this time AAP party runs government in 2 states of India and in both states the health minister are in jail, that means Kejriwal government is equal to 100 percent corruption.