A sikh woman was kidnapped , and force to convert Islam in Pakistan whole community says help

A father of Sikh woman Guru Charan Singh has demand to all over Sikhs who live any country , Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak committee and Akal takht Sahib to put pressure on Pakistan central government and government should take an action.

The government women teacher of a Sikh family was kidnapped on Saturday at Pir baba of khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan . The girl was not identify and There is a anger against government of Pakistan in the all Sikhs and Hindus who lives in Pakistan with their families.

As per reports the missing Sikh women name is Deen Kaur . She is a government teacher and belongs to Gur Sikh family ,his father is retire from medical sector. Father says in media He protest for her daughter at DC office gate.

He says that her daughter is a government teacher , she going for work as always but at ways his neighbor Hashab Allah kidnapped him along with friends. The police and administration are along with criminals, so this there is nothing is known .

He also says that we find her daughter in past more hours but local police not giving justice for our family, Father has appealed for all Sikhs in Pakistan and in another countries worldwide for help . He said that he finds the police is with criminals to put her girl at hidden place.