Gulam Nabi Azad was a minister for 24 years Congress reminds old days

Ghulam Nabi Azad resigns with congress : Popular Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad resigns with Congress party and after then in oldest party of country India has been disturbed. Old senior congress leaders Bhupesh Bagel, Ashok Gehlot, Digvijay Singh has reminds Gulam Navi old day when has full of control to make decision and importance was given by congress party and he counted in top leaders of party and close with Gandhi family.

Ashok Gehlot current CM of state Rajasthan has fully attacked Gulam Navi. Cm Gehlot said Gulam Navi says that Rahul Gandhi is surrounded with parasites . When we run politics with Sanjay Gandhi. Gulam Nabi was said Parasite of Sanjay Gandhi. Gehlot also says that when we not agree with Sanjay Gandhi and in out of power and Sanjay in leadership we also sacrifices and Gulam Navi was a special advisor of Sanjay Gandhi. Top leader Rahul Gandhi was run congress with own mind and efforts and then Gulam Nabi was taken this decisions at wrong way.

Gulam Nabi was send Rajya Sabha five times

Senior player of politics Digvijay Singh was shocked with resign decision of Gulam Navi and Navi Azad was awarded by many positions by congress party, Congress party makes Gulam Nabi Jammu& Kashmir CM and 2 times MP , He was made Rajya Sabha MP 5 times with save of defeat and wins and even after he leaves party , I am very surprise and in pain .

Digvijay Singh has clear that all allegations on Rahul Gandhi by Gulam are wrong and baseless , there is no meaning of all allegations.