These popular TV shows are completely ban in Pakistan

Tv shows ban in Pakistan: In Pakistan our popular TV shows are completely ban . These are those shows wo are break all TRP records in India. India’s public favorited shows are not telecast in Pakistan country.

The neighboring countries Pakistan – India relation is very poor because of Kashmir land problem, so this is a that both countries actors and actress not work with together . Not only actors, the artist cannot work together. But both countries people can enjoy entertainment together. That reason Pakistan people likes Bollywood’s movies. TV shows and Movies of Bollywood’s are seen lot of in Pakistan.

But you shocked definitely on one thing, that popular and India’s peoples favorited are banned in Pakistan country. You may also know for what reasons these shows are banned.

Tv shows ban in Pakistan

Big Boss (Salman khan popular show)

The famous and peoples favorited television show Big Boss are complete ban in Pakistan . Pakistani peoples wants to see Big Boss . But it not telecast on air in Pakistan because of ban . However Big Boss is not ban from beginning of show. It is ban after 9th season after seeing fight and abuse between constants in this shows.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ye Hai Mohabbatein is a very famous and good show and reach highest in TRP . In this shows beautiful and talented actress Divyanka Tripathi was cast as lead role and Karan Patel as husband of Divyanka tripathi . But the government of Pakistan was not happy with theme of this show and ban in there country.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai (popular comedy show)

The popular comedy show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai and India audience favorite are also ban in Pakistan because in this show two neighbors live opposite with each other and flirt Bhabhi’s as opposite. In India there is no problem as story of television show, but in Pakistan Says it is wrong and it gives wrong message to our country people.

Kabool Hai

Popular show of Karan Singh and beautiful actress Surbhi Jyoti is gives lot of entertainment to people and in this Muslim culture is shown , Yet Pakistan government ban this show . The reason is that in this show the Indian Muslim family was seen which is problem for Pakistan


The first season of television show Nagin was telecast in Pakistan in this season charming actress Mouni Roy was casted and Pakistani people can also enjoy this enjoy as India’s people , but at starting of telecast of season 2 it was banned by government.