When some common people win war against Supertech after 11 years and supreme court notice

Noida supertech twin towers : In Uttar Pradesh Noida twin tower of big company Supertech will be demolished tomorrow after a big battle win by common people of society who live near twin towers.

Twin tower of supertech demolition case : In Noida Sector 98 A twin towers of supertech will be demolished on 28 August 2022 . The common peoples of society has a big role in demolition of twin towers of Supertech. They win a big battle after a long time . These towers have also a names Apex and Cyan. First of all Allahabad High Court and then on this time supreme court will release notice of demolition of these two towers.

The supreme court has release a notice of demolition of towers in last years but the process of demolition was not completed so the date of demolition will be extended. As per reports the explosive material will be used for demolition of these two towers and they will be demolish tomorrow.

This case of demolition of big buildings is a set an example for future and history for any country because common people win victory with a big rich businessman or builder and this a legal battle . People fight this case with donating money and win this battle after a decade. WE tell you why common people fight this case for demolition of these buildings.

First says its green zone then made towers

A place where towers will be build , this place will called a green zone area. In society brochure this placed will be called green zone area in which families are aloud to live in homes . UBS Tewatia RWA president has informed media that the site of these towers Apex and cyan was a open space in a master plan. In a society there are 660 families are living. The construction of these buildings started by the defraud peoples of society. In this case the Noida authority and Builders of supertech were allegations to break the rules .

There is a change in map of society at first time year 2006 and adding 16-17 number tower of Amrold society into. AS per nation building code rules there is 16 meter distance in both building but there is 9 meter distance will be spaced.

On donations base Case are run and fight

The peoples are facing problem of sunlight and air because of height of these buildings and then society 660 families collecting 17 thousand rupees for run and fight this case. Society people make a mind up to fight case with these towers in 2009 and then in 2010 there will be filled in Allahabad High Court by Resident welfare Association.