Noida twin towers demolition : With a heavy explosive shot twin towers destroyed in few seconds and dust covers

In Noida sector 93 A twin towers are destroyed in few second. After 13 years hard work the twins were made but destroyed in few seconds.

Noida twin towers demolition : Finally Twin towers are destroyed in few second . We also tell you that 13 years hard work and lot of money used in making of these two towers. After the demolition of building the very high amount of dust of building materials and people who stand on the spot of demolition they heard loud explosive shot and sound. People who on the spot seen and heard earth trembling and smoke covered entire area as soon. There is no damage in any public property . Safety restriction is also fit and fine.

Practice to reduce the dust

After the explosive the twin towers within few seconds towers destroyed but dust smoke is flow everywhere. At this time the work has continue for reducing dust of towers . For this already deployed guns of smokes to restore dust and water also sprinkling on material for controlling dust and smoke.

Quick response team reach on the spot

On the spot Quick response team reaches for restore waste sand materials . Team said that less than 1 hour the waste are clear on the road.