Momin Saqib India vs Pakistan: After defeat of Pakistan in match Momin looking for ambulance, “Maro bhai mujhe maro”

There is a very interesting rivalry seen between India vs Pakistan match at last night and India wins this in last over with five wickets and after this match a comedy video of Momin Saqib was viral on internet . In this video Momin Asif finds ambulance and said Help me I am in problem in a comedy style as always.

At last night the match goes on last over or in a heart failure moment but confidence of Hardik Pandya is seen on pitch and win this match with winning six . Hardik Pandya is a Hero of the match for playing a match winning inning. After a victory of India against Pakistan , there are many and different- different reactions are come out and the famous reaction of Momin Saqib was come out.

On Instagram the video of Momin Saqib was viral in this video they find a ambulance after Pakistan loss wickets of Babar Azam and Rizwan . In video Momin was crying and said Babar and Rizwan both are out , “Please find ambulance for me”.

And after match over India wins Momin Saqib also seen as crying and wiping his tears with tissue papers in a sad music audio.

Momin Saqib shake hands with Virat Kohli in a video at last night and says I hope India and Pakistan will be played together in a final . In a caption Momin write such a humble person and I prays they will be a back in form soon.

Momin Saqib will also shake hands with match hero Hardik Pandya and said congratulations for win and well played brother and Hardik says thanks to Momin Saqib.

We tells you Momin Saqib is a popular star in social media and he has a own YouTube channel. He always famous for his comedy style videos . In 2019 when India defeat Pakistan on that time Momin Saqib video viral on social media in this video Momin Saqib said “Oh Bhai Maro Mujhe Maro Or Maro”. After this video Momin attract audience own towards and famous on social media.