LPG cylinder price: Almost 100 down on LPG cylinder, Know what new rates from Delhi to Mumbai

LPG cylinder price: There are cuts in price of commercial LPG cylinders. On 1 September 2022 the Indane cylinder of 19 kg price down with Rs. 91 in Delhi , in Kolkata price down with Rs. 100 and in Chennai Cylinder price downs Rs. 96. The cuts in price of commercial cylinder will give benefit to all over country people.

All peoples who are suffering from inflation in India those people can get a big relief because prices of LPG cylinders down on 1 September 2022. There is a big price down in LPG commercial cylinder . But the prices of commercial cylinders will be down not Household cylinders. The 14.2 kg household cylinder will be available on same rates in a market.

What prices cylinder available this time-

 LPG cylinder price
LPG cylinder price

In Delhi today price of commercial LPG cylinder price will get down Rs. 1976 to Rs. 1885. When in Kolkata Price down to Rs1995 remaining and before price down the price is Rs. 2095.50 and in Mumbai city Cylinder was available at Rs. 1885.

There was no change in household cylinders from July 6 2002. Means the household LPG cylinders was available at same rates in the markets. The Indane cylinder will be available at Rs. 1050 in Delhi.

The price will remain down-

The LPG companies will set new rates every month . In august the companies will down LPG rates with Rs. 36 . Before August the 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder price is Rs. 2013 and after this time price down the cylinder price goes down to Rs. 1976 remaining.