India Bangladesh Relations : In 5 decades what changes India and Bangladesh relations and what new achievements

In last year Bangladesh complete 50 years of Independence of bilateral ties and 100 birth anniversary of Mujib Rahman.

India and Bangladesh ties :-

On Monday Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has comes India tour of four days. On that time there is a conversation and help and cooperation of some important matters like defense, trade, river water sharing may be announced.

On 6th September a conversation between Prime minster Narender Modi and Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina and after that many agreements are expected to be signed including river water distribution of Kushiara River. Bangladesh is a important and good friends of India in under India neighboring first policy. Under PM Modi and Sheikh Hasina leadership both countries achieved many results of good works like land , sea border demarcation, power, trade, economy, defense, Cultural exchanges. India and Bangladesh

Both Prime Ministers met 12 times

Although Prime Minister Modi visit Bangladesh in 2021 March and this will effect and make good relation of both countries upto 50 years. We tell you that after 2015 both countries prime ministers meet 12 time this will showed the practice of good and supportive relationship between these two countries. India and Bangladesh

Largest Importer trading partner of India

In South Asia Bangladesh is a largest trading partner of India. In last five years the trade is double and bigger amount also to 10 billion US dollar to 20 US dollar. Bangladesh is a fourth largest importer of India with import of 17.1 US dollar in 2021-22. In Covid time when road connectivity are loss , India will send goods via rail on that time this indicates a true and good friendship of both countries. India and Bangladesh

On covid time India helps Bangladesh

In covid time India sends oxygen and liquid medical oxygen first time to Bangladesh with Oxygen express via Railway. Almost 20 oxygen express trains runs on covid19 time. On crucial time both countries can help and support with connectivity of rail. In year 1965 the first time both countries connects via rail network.