Rekha has entered in movies just at the age of 13, the first time experience is very disgusting

Rekha First Experience : At the age of just 13 Rekha has entered in movies industry. The role that was offer to Rekha , she don’t to play but she can do this.

Rekha Untold story :-

The evergreen actress Rekha who was very popular in past days and in now days also . She also famous for her life many stories and moments. Today we tell you a moment of Rekha life who change her life fully, Rekha was count in legend actress but you know she didn’t comes to the industry as her own will but it was a compulsion that comes and works in movies, not only this her mother told a palter for bring into movies.

When Rekha was young when her parents are fights each other and her childhood are pass with seeing fights of her parents , Actress childhood are pass by facing different problems. One day when her father left her and her mother , on this time the money responsibility and home responsibility has come on Rekha .

Only Just at the age of 13 When she entered into movies:-

Only just 13 age when movie role offer to Rekha, but it said that she did not want to do it on her own choice, But her mother convinced her to play a role in movie with palter of shooting was done in South Africa and when you will get to see many new- new animals. When she agree for doing movie and when film shoots after South Africa to Mumbai, When it said that Rekha has been harassed by movie unit ,the problem is that Rekha didn’t speak and know Hindi, any person cany speak any thing to Rekha.

The clothes was given to Rekha deliberately which cause skin infection to her body, she faces many problem in childhood and starting time when she debut in movie industry.

By facing all these problem she didn’t allow to her sister Radha into movie industry.