Suresh Raina said goodbye to domestic cricket and participate in foreign T20 League

Suresh Raina is one of the best batsmen of T20 format and creates many breakable records and help to win many important matches , but at this time Suresh Raina said goodbye to domestic cricket.

There is no change of Suresh Raina back to the Indian premier league because he announced to goodbye domestic cricket, the fans was in pain with the decision of Raina . However one relief news has come out for Suresh Rina fans that he continue play cricket not on domestic cricket. As per reports Raina play cricket in South Africa, Sri Lanka and UAE T20 league.

However in this year Raina will not bought by any IPL team, he said goodbye international cricket in year 2020, so that reason a chance of back in IPL will be almost finished. Now Raina will decide to play foreign T20 Cricket league by said goodbye to domestic or home cricket.

You must know that at this time the BCCI clears that any player who contract with BCCI , the player doesn’t take part in any Foreign league. The BBCI should action on Raina if he will participate in foreign league without retiring in domestic cricket.

Suresh Raina a most successful player in T20

Suresh Raina is the one of the best player of the T20 format. He was a god of T20 cricket and he was also known as Mr. IPL .Suresh Raina will makes average of 33 and with138 strike rate. In T20 format he make 5530 runs with his bat. He play for team Chennai super king and play a important role to winner Chennai super kings three times.

All of career of Suresh Raina was good and helps his team but in 2020 the career of Suresh Raina will be goes to the end after teams management argument and disputes Raina will be not a part of team Chennai Super King in 2020 and in 2021 Raina will be back but form was very poor and not helps team with bat.