Team India Asia Cup 2022 : Now At this India depends on Pakistan , What chance of India in Asia Cup

Team India Asia Cup 2022: After defeat from Sri Lanka , there is a difficult or very less chances for Team India to reach the Asia Cup final. The eyes of team India players or fans of team India are on Pakistan vs Afghanistan match in this match if Afghanistan beat Pakistan team. However Afghanistan will never been beat Pakistan till now date.

In top four Asia cup matches India will face second continue defeat. On Tuesday night at Dubai International cricket stadium Sri Lanka defeat team India by six wickets. Match was very interesting and going the last ball , Sri Lanka defeat India by chasing 174 runs.

After Pakistan and then Sri Lanka defeat Team India there is very less chances and difficult to reach final of Asia cup. Now this time Team India depends on other team for stay in Asia cup tournament . One of the important match for India is Pakistan VS Afghanistan for continue hope for final. On today 7th September there is a match between Pakistan and Afghanistan, if there today match Pakistan wins then India is out from tournament and there is no meaning of between India and Afghanistan which was played on 8th September.

There is few chances for India reach’s final Of Asia Cup

  1. If Afghanistan defeat Pakistan in today match
  2. And then Team India defeat Team Afghanistan on tomorrow match
  3. On the other hand Sri Lanka also defeat Pakistan
  4. And there is better run rate of team India as compare to Pakistan

Afghanistan will creates a history today

There is very hard for Afghanistan to beat Pakistan in today match because Afghanistan will never do, in past history to till date Afghanistan will never defeat Pakistan in any cricket match. There is a big chance for Afghanistan in today match for creating a history and the hopes of team India to reach final will continue.

There is very poor rate of team India

In top four teams in which Sri Lanka is on top of table with four points and 2 matches. On the other hand Pakistan is on second with 2 points , both teams Pakistan and Sri Lanka has plus run rate and India and Afghanistan will be third and fourth position. The run rate of team India is 0.125 which is very low.