Ranbir Kapoor Break silence on first time on Boycott of Brahmastra Movie trend

Brahmastra movie is also in negative trend in a country, Many people at this time are trending Boycott of Brahmastra movie because of Ranbir Alia in this movie. Ranbir Kapoor are talking this negativity on their movie and also that the end movie content matters not trend matters.

Ranbir Kapoor in Boycott Culture

The awaited movie BRAHMASTRA of newly wedding couple and actors also Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt is releasing in cinemas on 9th September 2022, the waiting time is over but a negative buzz also create with this movie. Some people are getting in work for trending Boycott BRAHMASTRA movie

Ranbir Kapoor Break Silence on Boycott Trend

A main actor of Brahmastra movie breaks silence on negativity which was run on now days . He said these things not matter like Boycott , in the end of result the movie content matters. On conversation of Boycott trend Ranbir said that I give you a example, a few weak ago my Film Sham Shera was release at that time not fell any kind of negativity , the film was flop and not run because movie content not impress and entertain audience, If you give good content to the audience, your movie runs and entertain to the auidence.

Ranbir also said that a movie was seen to feel different experience and feel emotion , What doesn’t want to be entertain by the movies, movies is seen for entertainment or emotional touch who do not laugh and cry. So if any movie not successful, content is reason for that.

Brahmastra movie why is so special

A Brahmastra movie is to be considerd as the biggest movie of year 2022. For Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt this film is very special because there is a first time when Ranbir and Alia work together in any movie. For seeing chemistry of Ranbir Alia at first time the fans is very excited. On 9th September 2022 film will be release in theatres.

Boycott is run for Ayaan Mukherji , who was a director of movie . But some people will be angry for Ranbir Kapoor Beef thought which was he gives in a interview when he promote the Rockstar movie, Some Hindu people will got angry with Ranbir Statement and they run movie Boycott trend but fans of Ranbir Alia expect that the film was hit on Box office, the advance booking is run at high level .

Let see after releasing movie what the result of movie.

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