Diamond League 2022 : After Olympic Neeraj Chopra creates a history and known for first player who win final

India JAVELIN Superstar creates a history after excellent performance of Olympic he also names Diamond League 2022 award.

Neeraj Chopra wins Diamond league 2022 :

Neeraj Chopra a Olympic gold medalist has creates history once again . He wins diamond league 2022 finals and also names Diamond league award. He throw javelin 88.44 meter and names a record , this is first time when any Indian player wins final game .

Neeraj has reach final of diamond league in 2017 and 2018 , but he takes 7th or 8th position respectively, but with lot of hard work he names at this times the final game award of diamond league 2022 , his names was written in books as history creators.

A high distance was covers by throw :

The start of Neeraj in a final is very bad in diamond league 2022 . His first throw was foul but at second at with creating a history he throw javelin to 88.44 meter distance and back all player with him, any other player not beat Neeraj throw distance , and in third attempt he throw 88.00 , in fourth 86.12 meters, in fifth 87.00 meters distance was covered and last 6th attempt he throw javelin to 83.60 meters. Neeraj performance is excellent than time to time .

He wins gold medal in 2021, In 2018 Asian games he wins gold medal , a gold medal in 2018 at national level and in 2022 National Athletics championship he wins silver medal.

He said at many times that diamond league gold is my dream and this time he fulfilled his dream by winning this title of 2022

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