Queen Elizabeth Death : All world leaders grief over the Queen Elizabeth Deaths

All leaders of world said a statement about a death of Queen Elizabeth from the president of America to Russia president.

Queen Elizabeth Death : Britain Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96. ELIZABETH Queen has ruled 7 decades on Britain, because of long time period she contribute and participate in many important matters. Many top leaders meet with him , they was impress with Queen because of her innocent and silent behavior. So at this many popular leaders missing them after death . Joe Biden America President to the Chief of united nation or many express their sorrow with issued statements.

Union Chief statement

A statement was also issued by Chief of United Nation Secretary General Antinio Gutterers on Queen Elizabeth death , In which they said Queen Elizabeth II was longest ruler Queen of United Kingdom and world admired for kindness, dignity and simplicity , she was also present in Various changes in all decades in which common wealth evolution to Africa to Asia are also include.

They also said that Queen Elizabeth was also a good friend of united Nations. He visit New York office of United Nations in almost years of time period and she was also popular of good charitable works for peoples benefits and environment changes.

America President Statement

America president Joe Biden has also express sorrow for Queen Elizabeth death with his wife Jill Biden and issued a statement, in this statement Biden said there are different changes in the world and Queen see all experience it is proud moment for Britain. She creates a history and history records in Britain Books and this story is biggest story in the world .

Russia President also express sorrow

Russia President Vladimir Putin said in a letter which was sent to the Prince Charles in this letter he said there are various stages and rights enjoy by Queen. For hard and huge loss for Britain and I extend my sincere and condolence to royal family and all people of Britain and support.

Prime Minister Narender Modi grief remember past moments

Pm Modi also express his sorrow for Queen Elizabeth death. At this time PM Narender Modi Grief some memorable moments which was they spent with Elizabeth. PM Modi visit a tour to Britain two time after 2014 , he visit in 2015 and 2018 and in this visit Queen showed a handkerchief which was given by Mahatma Gandhi on Queen Marriage , in a statement PM said I never forgot her Kindness and warmth. My thought is with people of Britain in this Grief time.

Queen Elizabeth Death ———

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