Cooking Tips : Follow these tips sweetness will go away of Potatoes after cutting

Cooking Tips : When you cut Potatoes in kitchen while cooking, then Potatoes will turn out sweet, there are some ideas for reduce the sweetness of Potatoes.

Potato Cooking Tips in Kitchen :

Potatos means use with any vegetable, you can use potato in many vegetables like potato with tomato, potato with qualiflover and in many other vegetables, potato will names as king of all vegetables, potato makes vegetable more tasty ,many vegetable is no meaning without potato. When we purchase potatoes from market sometime some potatoes are come out sweet that reason some people not wish to eat these kind of potatoes. So we tell you what tips and ideas that you can reduce sweetness from potatoes and you can eat potatoes with good taste.

With using Rock Salt

With use of Rock Salt you can reduce rock salt. For removing sweetness you can take hot water in a tub or bucket and put rock salt as estimate of quantity of potatoes and put potatoes on tub or bucket for 20 to 30 minutes and after you can vegetable , you can feel that sweetness will be reduce and taste will be better than before.

With using Vinegar

In a Big bucket you can take as quantity of potatoes , SALT and 2 or 3 spoon vinegar in it for maximum 3 hours and then you can see that the taste of vegetable is good because of reducing sweetness in potatoes.

With using Baking Soda

Aside from these ideas you can use baking soda for reducing sweetness from potatoes. For this you can remove potatoes PEEL and cut into pieces and take into some water and put baking soda in it for 10 to 20 minutes then after you can make good taste vegetable.

With using Lemon, DAHI and Orange

The simple idea for removing sweetness from potatoes, you can added some bitter thing it can remove sweetness from potatoes, you can added lemon, DAHI, orange, it helps removing sweetness and makes vegetable tasty.

Cooking Tips : Cooking Tips

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