Interesting Facts : Why speak Cheers before drink Alcohol, know the reason behind it

Interesting Facts : Most of the people who drink alcohol or not why say cheers while drinking alcohol . Everything thing has a meaning , nothing is done just like that . We tell you why collided glass to glass.

Why people saying Cheers while Drinking

In a party and friends are meet and cheers are not done ,no it is not impossible. In every condition happy, emotional, and Gum some people will never forget cheers moment with glass to glass. Before drinking in a party or any event people will say together cheers, you will be also must do cheers at any time or another.

In a event without saying Cheers doing drinking alcohol is incomplete as in phone calll starting saying Hello to other. Cheers moment to glass to glass is run from a century to century and it will never end. But you know names Cheers are where starting and what people do Cheers to glass to glass.

Interesting Facts: Where Cheers words come

Cheers word comes from ”chi ere” word it is France word and it means face or head . In past olden times speaking tears was a sign of avidity and inspirit. Cheers moment is a best way to express own happiness to others and celebrate moment. and indicates good time has started now.

There are some special concept for say CHEERS

As you all know that there are total five sense. EYE, EAR ,NOSE, Tongue and SKIN are feel according and work according own way and these are five sense without these sense Human are nothing. While Drinking Alcohol the four sense are working. No1 Eye is works as seeing Drink, Nose uses as for smell drink aroma, tongue use is to feel the taste flavor of Drink. Skin is to feel the drink and the one sense is not uses while drinking which is Nose , While Saying Cheers Before Drinking and Chanting Glass To Glass and sound that comes in this Ear is use .

So all Sense are works For this people do Cheers Moment.

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