Global Index Report 2022 : India lags behind from Sri Lanka and Pakistan in term of hunger index report

The global hunger index report is comes and in this report India condition is very bad as comparison of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. India gets 107th position in a list of 121 countries.

India Ranking in Global Index Report 2022 :

The Latest report of Global Hunger 2022 Index is showing a big problem for India, in this report India take place at 107th position in 121 country list . In this India behind all of countries of South Asia expect Afghanistan . The Global Hunger Index is a tool ton measure to hunger at global and regional level and national level also. Global Hunger Index is measure at 100 points scale basis in this Zero is best score and 100 points is very bad . India gets 29. 2 as severe category or position.

India as compare to neighboring countries :-

When we talk India as compare to neighbors then all neighboring countries are better than India, in ranking Pakistan gets 99th place and Sri Lanka 64th Position and Nepal gets 81th Place, only Afghanistan In South Asia which condition is very poor as comparison of India .Where China got place between 1to 15 position countries, China scores is less than 5 points which is very good position.

Number of malnourished people in India?

The occurrence of malnourished people is measured of proportion of population experiencing of lack of diet energy intake has increased from 14.7% in 2018-20 to 16.8% in 2019-21 due to this 224.4 million peoples are malnourished in country India and at this time at globally 864 million peoples are suffers by this problem.

Child Mortality Rate is decreased :-

However India can do better in these two sectors one is mortality rate which is decreased from 4.6% to 3.2% at this time and second is child stunting which is decrease from 38.8% to 35.2% , In 2014 the hunger index report India takes 28.2 points and at this time India takes 29.2 points, so the situation is not good for India.

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