Best Yoga For Neck Pain :- Are You Suffering From Neck and Shoulder Pain

Best Yoga For Neck Pain :- If you sleep with hard and high pillow for resting and flexible your neck, so you can avoid always these types pillows while sleeping because these types pillow can keep flexible your neck which cause rigidity and pain in your neck.

Best Yoga For Neck Pain

Sleeping is good for resting our body, but sometime we feel a pain in our neck and shoulder when we wake up. This pain can either due to clumsy position of our head or neck , which effect in our ligament, muscles or joints.

The strain and stress can cause various types of problems or pains in our body like weakness, headache of the arms or neck pain , These types of pain or problem can relieve by medicines but for a temporary time period or a short time period. The yoga or exercises is a best way for relief with neck or shoulder pain which was cause with bad or wrong sleeping positions. Yoga can relief in pain or stress but also give physical intense to our body which help staying active and moving for our body or parts.

If there is a pain in the shoulders and neck, then get relief of these yoga

Cat Pose Posture :- Best Yoga For Neck Pain

How to do this :-

1. First step is it is sure that the wrists are under the shoulders and the knees are under the hips

2. Second step is Keep a equal balance on all four

3. Third step is Let the belly drop down towards the floor and inhale while looking up

4.Fourth step is pull the navel towards the spine and exhale and touch the chin to the chest

5. Repeat all these steps few times and take a relax.

Best Yoga For Neck Pain

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