Budget 2023 : The big change in tax slab, No tax on income of 7 lakhs

Budget 2023 India : The Indian tax payers will get a relief by Indian government by major change in tax slab which give major relief for every slab taxpayers.

India Union Budget 2023

There is a big relief for every slab taxpayers in the new tax regime , At new tax system there will be no tax of income upto Rs. 7 lakhs and last year it is Rs.5 lakhs till now. Today declare by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in union budget 2023.

New tax slab of new tax regimeĀ 2023

The main and important thing is is to keep in mind that those income is upto 7 lakh, those people not pay any single rupees in form of tax .

But if income is increase from 7 lakh then at this stage the tax will be paid by user and the tax will be not on Rs 1 it is will be pay at above Rs 3 lakh income in the tax system 2023. In the 3 to 6 slab the the tax rate is 5% , 6 to 9 slab is 10% , 9 to 12 slab is 15% , 12 to 15 rate is 20% or above 15 lakhs tax rate is 30%.

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