Nitin Sharma Marakpuriya Singer

Nitin Sharma is a famous singer and upgrowing personality, he belongs to a Mubarikpur gaon which in Uttar Pradesh . Nitin’s first song Marakpur yaar is released on 6 September 2020 and at that time Nitin Sharma’s Marakpuriya no turns back, he has also famous for his community song, he loves his brahman community and says proudly ”I am Brahman” .

Nitin Sharma Marakpuriya believes in unity and he do many work for her community , he also made relations with other community like Gujjar Community , his song Baman Gujjar Bhaichara works as unity maker in two communities . His most successful song is Brahman Ka Rutba.

He makes more hits songs like Baman Tabahi, Baman Sher for Brahman Community and in recent he makes Brahman Ka Rutba 2 which loves by his audience, Nitin is not known as community singer he also make romantic love songs like Kala Jadu, Chand ki Chakori , Nakhra etc.

Nitin Sharma shows loves for Late Singer Sidhu Moosewala by his song The Legend Sidhu Moosewala , Nitin also make Bholenath Tumse Pyar Hai Song.

Nitin Sharma Marakpuriya Youtube channel names is NKS Studio which complete almost 40K subscribers . This is not promotional post , This is love for Nitin Sharma Marakpuriya .

By Abhishek Bhardwaj


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