MS Dhoni is set to say goodbye to cricket after IPL 16, once again confirmed

MS Dhoni Retirement :- It has been confirmed once again that Dhoni will bid farewell to cricket after the 16th edition of the IPL.

Chennai Super Kings, led by Dhoni, are continuing their excellent performance in the 16th season of the Indian Premier League. In their second match on Sunday, CSK defeated KKR by 49 runs, thereby consolidating their position in the points table. However, immediately after the match, Dhoni once again hinted that he would be retiring from cricket entirely after IPL 16.

On Sunday, the match between CSK and KKR was held at Eden Gardens, and despite being the home ground of KKR, most of the spectators were seen supporting MS Dhoni and his team. During the post-match award ceremony, chants of “Dhoni Dhoni” could be heard from all corners of the stadium. When asked about the overwhelming support, Dhoni responded by saying that perhaps everyone in attendance was trying to bid him farewell.

Expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support from the crowd, the captain of CSK acknowledged the large number of fans who had come to the match. He further stated that in the next match, most of these fans would probably be cheering for KKR instead. He believed that the supporters present at the stadium were bidding him farewell, and he expressed his gratitude towards them for their kind gesture.

MS Dhoni gave hints of retirement earlier also

It is worth noting that this is not the first instance where Dhoni has hinted at retiring from cricket after this season. Even after the previous match, he had mentioned that he was in the final phase of his career. Despite this, under his leadership, CSK managed to win five out of seven matches and secured the top spot in the points table.

It seems highly likely that Dhoni’s team will make it to the playoffs, as they are currently at the top of the table with 10 points. CSK only needs three more victories to secure a spot in the playoffs. Considering the impressive form of the CSK players, it can be confidently stated that they are well on their way to making it to the playoffs.

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